Q: What is Pilates?

A:  Pilates is a series of exercises that emphasizes precise movements in combination with proper control and form, rather than rapid work with high repetitions.

This Method generates a balance of strength, stretch and control in the entire body. It is not physical therapy, it is not massage, it is not yoga, it is not meditation – just an absolutely great exercise that starts out like an invigorating movement then progresses into a sweaty, hard exercise experience.

Joe understood that the body repairs and strengthens itself through movement. Pilates is a workout that will keep your body functioning as it ages and enables you to do whatever you enjoy doing for longer.


Q: Why is there so much emphasis on the core?

A:  The strongest muscles in the body are in the torso (core) muscles. These muscles support the spine. All strength and movement originates here.  Joe devised The Pilates Method to create the perfect workout that identifies and develops “the core”.

We teach you this method, correctly.  A body balanced with strength and flexibility is created which results in a feeling of freedom and well-being.


Q: Who is Pilates good for?

A:  Pilates is good for anyone who is interested in improving his or her fitness, posture, coordination, balance, freedom of movement and overall health. The Pilates Method can be adapted to any fitness level: from rehab patients to elite athletes. 

As with any exercise program, clients with health issues, injuries or chronic pain must consult their physician before beginning.


Q: I have never taken Pilates before. What can I expect for my first lessons at Absolutely Pilates?

A:  Pilates is a unique hour-long session.  A new student will move in a new way, find muscles they didn’t know they had, and discover things they hadn’t noticed about the way their body moves.

Thru movement, our clients will learn what muscles really support their spine, what muscles move their body, and how to activate them. This discovery will help clients reach their fitness goals.


Q: I’ve been taking Pilates for many years. What’s different about Absolutely Pilates?

A:  By revisiting the Pilates Method as it was intended, an experienced Pilates student or teacher will enhance and expand their understanding of the method and deepen their regular workouts. Through the guidance of an Absolutely Pilates instructor, the experienced student will learn to purify each exercise down to its essence, resulting in a challenging yet satisfying workout.  Everybody has a problem area.  We will help you identify this area, teach you how to make the correct movement, which will improve your overall performance.


Q: Can Pilates cure me of my pain?

 A:  Many painful conditions are caused by simple imbalances, poor alignment and muscle tension. Finding and correcting these relieves the stress often can relieve the pain.  At Absolutely Pilates, we can breakdown the movements the body makes, identify incorrect movement and retrain these problem areas.  By doing so, pain in a particular joint can be relieved.

Pilates is not physical therapy, but it is correct exercise, and as such has many benefits including injury prevention and improved athletic skill. Orthopedic problems, first need the attention of a medical specialist, and anyone under a physician’s care should not engage in Pilates without consent from his/her physician.



Q: What are the age limits for doing Pilates?

 A:  Young children 5 or 6 years old can find their “ core connections”, build great posture, and do some mat work. The body should be more developed, and the bones hardened, before attempting work on the apparatus. We have people 12yrs. to 75yrs. old + who have started Pilates with surprising results.  


Q: How often do I need to take Pilates to maintain good health?

A:   Three times per week is optimal, especially at the beginning. As one gets stronger and develops proper use of the body, as little as once per week is good for maintenance. Combining sessions at the studio with mat work at home is ideal.


Q: I take mat classes.  How is a workout with equipment different?

 A:   The equipment was developed to help people gain all the necessary muscular strength and flexibility to do the mat work correctly. Doing the mat properly is extremely difficult and takes a strong, well-developed body. The various apparatus that Joe invented help to target specific areas that need strengthening or more freedom. Each piece of equipment supports the other and teaches the body The Pilates Method in different ways.

The apparatus of The Pilates Method are:  Cadillac/Tower, Reformer, Chairs (Wunda and High Chair), Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Guillotine, Pedi Pole, and Arm Chair. as well as numerous small apparatus.   

The Cadillac or Trapeze Table, allows movement patterns to be broken down into small parts, to restore the correct motion. Every muscle group can be isolated on this apparatus. The Tower is a similar piece that uses the entire Cadillac repertoire, except those done above the rails.

The most well-known apparatus is The Reformer.  It is a sophisticated machine with springs, pulleys and straps, and a gliding platform.  The springs can be adjusted for lighter or heavier resistance (like weights but better).  The Reformer helps build torso stability and spinal alignment all the while working the extremities to develop both strength and flexibility.  

Two different types of Chairs exist. Firstly, the Wunda Chair was developed.  The original chair doubled as a piece of furniture. Secondly, the High or Electric Chair is another studio apparatus. Both types of Chairs allow exercises from many different positions, and the adjustable springs permit different tension and difficulty.  The Chairs improve balance, body control and symmetry, stretches the spine and hamstrings, and strengthens the core, legs, feet, calves, Achilles tendon, buttocks, and arms.


Q: How is Pilates different than yoga?

A:  There are many diverse styles of Yoga, some of which teach a philosophy of living that includes meditation, breathing and chanting as well as a physical practice.

Yoga emphasizes getting out of your mind thru physical poses, and flexibility is its main emphasis. Pilates is exercise, and one session requires about an hour. A regular practice of Pilates is recommended for best results. It is always executed with dynamic flow and few repetitions. With the exception of a few exercises that emphasize a specific breathing pattern, the rest of the workout is done with natural breathing and flow. Pilates requires focus and concentration to retrain the body to move with strength and ease, with the support of the entire torso.

Pilates teaches the mind and body to work in harmony to achieve optimum results.

At Absolutely Pilates our goal is to help clients achieve the best possible posture, core, body and fitness level so that they can live an active and energetic life.

Privates, semi-privates, and small group classes help ensure a safe workout.


Q: Why should I come to a Pilates studio?

A:  Gyms and fitness clubs are great places to exercise in a variety of ways.  They offer a large array of physical activities, including Pilates, which attract many people into their facility.  You can acquire a general physical knowledge of several kinds of exercise and enjoy doing this.  Nothing in the world is wrong about going to the “gym”.

However, to really learn, and acquire all the benefits of The Pilates Method, it must be done in a totally dedicated fully equipped Pilates Studio.  The staff must be Pilates professionals-certified in the total Pilates curriculum.  This takes time, money, and practice.  Pilates is a method of total physical fitness developed by the genius of Joseph Pilates over 80 years ago.  It can’t be learned in one weekend of training or just on the mat.  

Come to Absolutely Pilates, so we can teach you the method which will enhance and improve your experience in the gym, workplace, play place, and all movement.