Pilates is my time away from the responsibilities of my day. I always feel more relaxed and healthy when I’ve finished a class, and just happy to have been with great friends doing something active and positive.
— Wanda Rosdeutscher
I first started with Pilates in December of 2009... I didn’t think of it as a Christmas present to myself but I do now! What could be a better gift than my increase in energy, flexibility, balance, and general sense of well-being?
— Erika Brady
It makes me feel so energized. I believe Pilates is the best exercise ever.
— Markita Wilkinson
Pilates has improved my mind, body, and spirit. When I am physically fit I feel better. I’ve been able to avoid surgery and even learned to play golf. The commodity among the members of my class lifts my spirits. It is truly joyful when I receive compliments and I’m able to do things my younger friends can or cannot do.
— Trudy Harden
Pilates is a de-stressor. It relaxes me and I feel so much better.
— Pam Buck
One of my daughters encouraged me to take Pilates, because my neck and shoulders have several issues and problems. I had even been advised by my doctors not to have massages or go to a chiropractor because of a T.I.A. I had five years ago. Pilates has truly been an answer to my prayers. My neck, shoulders and overall posture are better. Kathy, Mary and Pamela are very encouraging, and kind always.
— Harriet
As a pharmaceutical rep who drives thousands of miles a month, I used to experience back pain from hours in the car. Pilates helped change that. By strengthening my core and improving my posture, I have eliminated the discomfort.

I love that the Absolutely Pilates instructors insist upon proper form with each exercise. Having the right muscle memory helps me protect my core and back during other types of fitness classes. Alignment, connection, and technique are priorities here.
— Margaret
Absolutely Pilates is Absolutely Wonderful!

A friend recommended Absolutely Pilates to help me tone-up. I have been participating three or four times a week for six months. I have lost 12 pounds, but have focused on food intake too. But more importantly, I have lost four inches on my waist and two inches on my bust! I haven’t looked and felt this good since my 30’s!

Thank you to all the instructors because they each are certified and have different skill sets. Big hug to owner/Pilates professional, Kathy for her encouragement and patience! You owe it to yourself to try Absolutely Pilates!!
— K.
“Pilates has improved my flexibility, golf game, posture, and strengthened small muscles.
— Jimmie Gipson
“As a pharmaceutical rep, who drives thousands of miles a month, I used to experience back pain from hours in the car. Pilates helped change that. By strengthening my core and improving my posture, I have eliminated my discomfort.
— Margaret
“I first started with Pilates in 2009. I did not think of it as a Christmas present to myself, but I do now! What could be a better gift than my increased energy, flexibility, balance, and general sense of well-being.
— Erica Brady
“The Pilates classes with Kathy have helped me aged more gracefully and become more aware of my body. After having both knees replaced, Pilates has enabled me to move more easily and to be able to participate in activities with my grandchildren and with other active adults.
— Jean Harris
“I have always been an active person, running and lifting weights and riding horses, until foot pain started to slow me down. When I retired from teaching in 2009 I started swimming thinking that would be better for my foot, however my foot got worse. I was having difficulty just walking. I met Kathy Perry who told me she could help me regain my ability to walk comfortably. I started Pilates and Kathy’s regime has helped me tremendously. I walk many miles daily with my dog and taking care of chores. I am stronger than I have been since I was thirty! I now do Pilates at least three days a week, because I want to be as active as long as possible.
— Tyrie Tinie
“Prior to meeting Kathy, my quality of life was greatly diminished due to chronic neck pain and immobility in my cervical spine. Kathy has been a Godsend. My time with Kathy has been transformative, allowing me to return to a more active lifestyle, that it is critical my happiness. Kathy’s extensive training and knowledge base in the physical sciences, combined with her practicality and compassionate care makes her truly one in a million.
— Robyn Tyree
Pilates has improved my posture and stamina both personally and in my professional duties.
— Dr. Mohammed Kazimuddin, Western Kentucky Heart and Lung.
Pilates has improved my posture greatly. As a cardiologist I am performing more effectively.
— Dr. M Kaz, Western Kentucky Heart and Lung
My name is Graham Mitchell. I was the owner of Mitchells Lodging. On October 27th 2004, I had a near fatal logging accident. After 18 months of letting my injuries heal, which consisted of 10 broken ribs, left scapula broken in 4 places, back broken, (9th and 10th vertebra crushed) with 2 rods and 16 screws applied, along with 23 staples in my head, left lung collapsed, and a traumatic brain injury, I made an appointment with our family doctor. I told Dr. James Phillips my “core area” was giving me problems. Dr. Phillips told me about Pilates. So, I called Kathy Perry at Absolutely Pilates.
I met Kathy for an assessment, took off my shirt and showed her the damaged areas. After talking with her and being very impressed by her knowledge of the human body, I felt at ease and started a new phase of “physical healing” for myself. I’ve had personal trainers, but this form of personal one on one training I would recommend to anyone. With my physical need Kathy Perry is awesome and an educated lady in her field. She cured the problem I had and I believe she will help to cure your problems too.
— R. Graham Mitchell, Absolutley Pilates client
A year ago I had to quit my high impact workouts due to joint pain. A friend referred me to Absolutely Pilates. I tried the free class with Kathy, 30 minutes later I amazingly walked out pain free! I first thought it was too expensive, but now I couldn’t imagine being without the rewards. I am now able to go back to doing cardio thus getting the needed exercise I need. High impact workouts are gone, but Pilates will continue to be part of my weekly life routine. I now work with Kathy and Dawn who are very knowledgeable and have changed my overall health.
— Garth Sparks RN

I came to Kentucky from Miami, FL [the BIG city]. In Miami we have lots of Pilates studios to choose from and I have been to lots of different Pilates studios. I practiced Pilates in Miami for 3 years before I arrived in KY.

Once I arrived here, of course I looked for a new Pilates Studio. I was ecstatic when I found Absolutely Pilates, in bowling Green! They are a true Pilates Studio, as compared to places where I’ve been where pilates is simply an add-on to the gym.

Absolutely Pilates has all the equipment you’ll ever need to do Pilates the way it was originally intended, in a comfortable, calm studio setting. I worked with Kathy, Dawn, and Mary. Every instructor at Absolutely Pilates is extremely well trained and familiar with proper Pilates techniques.

The classes are small, 4-6 people. This allows instructors to take time with each participant. Kathy is especially concerned with proper technique and form in the beginner classes. Dawn is very creative in the more advanced classes. Mary is very patient with every member of the class.

Honestly, Absolutely Pilates is the best Pilates Studio experience I have ever had!!! You must try it for yourself! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

More than a satisfied customer,
— Angela Alfonzo