Kathy Perry

Kathy Perry


Kathy became interested in Pilates after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1995.  She credits her return to good health and recovery to the regular practice of the Pilates Method.  Absolutely Pilates opened September 6th, 2006 and quickly became Kathy's "third child".  

Kathy has a B.S. in Health Sciences and Physical Education from Peabody College, and a M.A. in the same fields from University of Memphis.  She taught and coached at Berea College.  After a successful career in sales, Kathy returned to her passion, by teaching Pilates and yoga in 2004, and became certified in the Pilates Method thru Integrated Balance, Power Pilates, and PHI.  She is a certified member of the PMA.

Pilates gave Kathy freedom and ease-in-movement, great posture, and the ability to do all the things she loves to do.  She has a mission to pass on what she has discovered to everyone. 



 Pamela Lessenberry

Pamela Lessenberry


Searching for relief from debilitating lower-back problems in 1995, Pamela discovered then embraced Pilates for it's rehabilitative results.  She says, "If everyone practiced Pilates, we could eliminate many orthopedic and sports injuries."   Pamela incorporates core strength in everything she does, from playing with her children, to gardening, to sitting taller at the computer.  Her clients range from business people and stay-at-home mothers to college athletes, dancers, and especially seniors.  She also teaches dance conditioning, Barre, Zumba, yoga, and stretch therapy.  Pamela graduated with a B.A. in Journalism from the University of King's College.  Her Pilates certifications are with Polestar and Power Pilates.  She is a certified member of PMA.

 Mary Eubank

Mary Eubank


Mary believes that all of us are born with special gifts, and it is our path to discover these gifts and share them with others.  She found her gift to be teaching.  Mary was a primary school teacher in the Barren County School System fror 30 years.  She is fully certified in Vinyasa Yoga , and in Pilates Mat and Reformer . After retiring from school teaching in 2012, she joined Absolutely Pilates teaching staff and is continuing her classical Pilates.  Mary would love to help you with and guide you in essential body awareness exercises and techniques, which will restore natural balance, improve posture, develop core strength, and increase flexibility.

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Dawn discovered Pilates after suffering a back injury during 2002. Dawn was looking for an exercise regime that allowed her time to recover her muscle strength, good posture, and flexibility in a controlled environment. Pilates was an excellent fit, due to the small classes she attended and subsequent one on one attention that was available. Dawn is certified with the Physicalmind Institute and has also trained in Pilates mat and reformer with Stott Pilates in Florida.  Dawn is certified in Pilates mat and standing Pilates. Dawn is currently deepening her understanding of movement working on an additional Pilates certification with Integrated Balance. Dawn loves to share what she has learned and will help you along your personal journey of success.



Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is a multi passionate as well as multi-disciplined movement coach and Pilates teacher. In her words, "my job is to educate, empower, and entertain you into loving the gift of your body". Ann Taylor has spent the last 15 years teaching and studying all over the country to learn what the Pilates and fitness worlds have to offer. She is certified in Pilates (SPX & Classical), personal training (AFFA), 500 training hours in Yoga, and training in many other areas. Ann Taylor has developed an approach to teaching called Beyond Movement. "Beautiful Athletes like rock climbers, dancers, gymnastics, and martial artists all share common threads: technique, passion, and love of their body." She invites you to embody that love while you study Pilates with us.


Molly, a life long equestrian and professional instructor and trainer, has always been interested in the body, physical fitness, and health. Molly turned to Pilates when was struggling to find straightness in her riding postilion, and she quickly traded in her traditional riding lessons for Pilates lessons. The balance, strength, and alignment she gained not just changed how she rode, but how she moved on the ground. In order to deepen her knowledge of the Pilates method and the body, she started her certification through Romana's Pilates while in Illinois, and finished in Nashville through Classical Pilates Education at Willow. She now incorporates Pilates into her riding instruction and enjoys helping other riders and non-riders find balance and strength through the Pilates work.