Classes offered vary widely in type, and skill level, as well as using different equipment. We welcome beginners as well as advanced students. Through learning from several different teachers, each with unique strengths, well developed and well rounded students become accomplished and meet their personal fitness goals. All equipment, including mats are provided, while at the studio. Please wear clothing you feel comfortable moving and bending in. Contact Kathy for more information on classes listed here, as well as openings.


  •   Gentle Pilates: For those with some physical limitations, or seniors, who still want to improve and learn Pilates.
  •   Basics: Provides new students with the fundamentals needed to succeed in other Pilates classes.
  •   Mat: Strong focus on the original exercises developed by Joseph H. Pilates, while using small devices.
  •   Tower: A stationary device with resistance springs meant for strengthening and stretching the muscles needed for mat class.
  •   Reformer: Developed to align the spine correctly, it fast tracks reformation of the body using resistance springs, and movement.
  •   Tower/Reformer: Both pieces are used, in a very effective combo to stretch and strengthen, while also reforming the spine.
  •   Multi-Apparatus: Any and all pieces of equipment are used, big or small, dependent upon class needs.  
  •   *An asterisk means the class is good for beginners.


  7:30am    Intermediate

  8:30am    *Basics/beginner

  9:30am    Tower/Reformer


12:30pm   *Beginner

  4:30pm    Tower

  5:30pm    Multi-Apparatus

  6:30pm    Intermediate/Advanced



  8:30am    Mat

  9:30am    Gentle Pilates

11:30am    Reformer


  5:30pm    *Beginner Reformer

  6:30pm    *Basics/Beginner





  8:30am    Tower/Reformer

  9:30am    Tower/Reformer

 10.30am   *Basics


  4:30pm    Reformer

  5:30pm    Tower/Reformer



  7:30am    Intermediate

  8:30am    Tower/Reformer

  9:30am    Tower/Reformer


  4:30pm    *Basics

  5:30pm     Multi-Apparatus

   6:30pm    Intermediate


  8:30am    Multi-Apparatus

  9:30am    Gentle Pilates

 10:30am   *Basics



  9:00am     Multi-Apparatus

  10:00am   *Basics/Beginner