Fantastic 6wk Pilates Workshop

Choose the two days a week that fit your schedule from the list of classes below. Commitment is two classes a week for a total of twelve classes. Cost for twelve classes is only $120.00! Classes are one hour long. This is a total body workout. No more going to the gym multiple times a week for one to two hours! You will learn how to move your body efficiently and correctly not only on the mat, but also using the Pilates Equipment. We are a dedicated Pilates studio and our teachers are educated in the classical and contemporary approach. This thorough education allows our teachers to adapt the Pilates method to all body types and fitness levels! Pilates is a fun method which challenges you to sit, stand, and move correctly. You will gradually correct poor movement patterns, improve your posture, and improve your muscle strength and flexibility. 

Classes start W/C 5/20/2018

Classes to choose from are as follows:

Tuesday 5:00 pm

Wednesday 5:30 pm

Thursday 4:30 pm 

Saturday 10:00 am

Space is limited. Reserve your spot today!

Call 270 793 2728 Kathy Perry (Owner)