Equestrian Workshop March 25th 2:00-3:30 pm

Molly will be at the studio on Sunday March 25th. Molly will focus on helping equestrians of all disciplines find a more balanced and effective seat, so that they may be better connected to themselves and their horses. A harmonious connection between horse and human begins with alignment of focus and bodies.

Through the Pilates work, you will find a connection to your deep core muscles that are most important for posture, a lengthening of your spine, and alignment of your spine and pelvis, which together make up a light and correct riding position. In addition to this, you will practice maintaining this balance while in motion, and how you can find and use the bodies' planes of movement to better communicate with your horse on the ground and in the saddle.

Throughout the workshop, we will work through and apply the six principles of Pilates (breathe, centering, concentration, control, precision, and flow) to horsemanship so that you may incorporate them into your riding and training practices for your own balance and for a deeper connection with your horse.

The workshop is taught by Molly Morrison, a certified Pilates instructor and a dressage trainer and instructor in the greater Nashville area. Molly uses her Pilates knowledge and foundation with all of her riding students to help them understand their own bodies and how they relate to their horses’ bodies. She teaches Pilates fundamentals on the mat and horsemanship principles on the ground, so that her students are more effective leaders and better communicators in and out of the saddle. Her main focus is to help humans and horses connect and have a harmonious relationship.

Cost: $50.00. Call 270 793 2728 to book your space.

Molly can also be found on Facebook under Blue Heron Horsemanship, Email: blueheronhorsemanship@gmail.com  Phone: (615) 417-8501