Why should you incorporate foam rolling ?

Ma foam rolling.jpg

Research suggests foam rolling increases flexibility, mobility, and circulation. We all probably need to increase flexibility to some of our muscles. Furthermore, an increase in circulation will decrease the chances of minor injuries during exercise.

While most clients do not like the feel of foam rolling across trigger points and tight muscles, some clients (believe it or not) LOVE to foam roll across their bodies. Foam rolling before and after exercise can be beneficial. Foam rolling can also decrease stress and tension in your muscles.

Choosing the right foam roller is important. Perhaps choose a softer foam roller to start, modify your position for less pressure, and roll slowly to ease you into a steady routine. Rolling slowly has been proven effective in recent research while moving quickly up and down the foam roller has not.

Be mindful of those areas to avoid such as knees, neck, low back, and groin.

Last but not least be consistent and use your foam rollers on a regular basis. Remember practice makes PERMANENT. Have Fun!