The Foot Workshop

I am writing to invite everyone to attend The Foot Workshop at Absolutely Pilates on Sunday, January the 24th 2016 from 2:00-3:30 pm. The cost will be $40. I feel everyone can benefit from this workshop, so be sure to invite a friend by forwarding this post. 

This will enhance what you are already doing for exercise. We will try to help you wake your foot muscles up, by teaching you tiny exercises to do barefooted. This will help you to transition when wearing shoes and walking.
This will be a fun, and informative ninety-minute class. Everyone will be an active participant during this time. The workshop will cover muscle activation techniques to help the foot and ankle begin to feel alive. The use of small balls, bands, and tiny exercises will be done either sitting or standing. Correct foot alignment and proper gait will also be taught. Instructional details and small exercise equipment will go home with each person, so you can continue your progress.

Kathy is now taking reservations at 270-793-2728.