Introducing- Our Shiny, New Blog!

We are proud to present our newest addition to the website, this blog. It's shiny, it's new. We are excited to communicate with our city, Bowling Green, Kentucky, and with the world at large. 

You see, we've got quite a bit of information in our heads, and want to be able to get it out into the world where it can inspire wellness and health decisions that will change peoples lives. To that end, we'll be posting information on SpringTone, Pilates, yoga and bounce. We want to share an assortment of wonderfulness, that we think may encourage you in your day to day wellness lifestyle.

You'll be hearing from several different people here. You'll find some bio's over on the 'Instructor' page, so that you can kind of get to know who's writing to you. Additionally, we'll be hearing from Jessica and Gabby as they prepare for their Grand Adventure, hiking the Pacific rim. We can't wait to experience it with them!

Anything that's happening in the studio will definitely get shared here, so bookmark our blog. Feel free to forward the link to a friend, and share on Facebook- you're sharing your interest in becoming, and staying healthy! Make sure you check back in regularly, or subscribe via email- so much is going to be happening!