Beginner 10 wk class is now complete!

Our new clients have enjoyed their ten weeks of beginner Pilates. We can already see a difference in how these new clients move their bodies as they focus on correct posture and safe movement. These great clients already see the value in moving from a strong core, and altering incorrect movement patterns. We have focused on regaining mobility of the spine, shoulder stability, and improving flexibility.

Our ten week beginner Pilates has been a success thanks to the hard work of those who attended.

We love meeting new clients and welcome them into their ongoing Pilates program!



Balance Workshop April 28th 2018 9:30-11:00 am

Kathy Perry will be holding a workshop focused on balance. Good balance becomes vital as we age. Kathy will share her knowledge of balance, movement, and good posture. We encourage our clients to attend this workshop. You will leave with some practical information and exercises that will assist you in your everyday activities. This workshop is for everyone old or young! If you are new to Pilates and want to see our studio or attend a workshop please give Kathy a call on 270 793 2728.

What is balance?


Balance: A biological system that enables us to know where our bodies are in the environment and to maintain a desired position. Normal balance depends on information from the inner ear, other senses (such as sight and touch) and muscle movement.

Our sense of balance is specifically regulated by a complex interaction between the following parts of the nervous system:

  1. The inner ears (also called the labyrinth) monitor the directions of motion, such as turning or forward-backward, side-to-side, and up-and-down motions.
  2. The eyes observe where the body is in space (i.e., upside down, right side up, etc.) and also the directions of motion.
  3. Skin pressure receptors such as those located in the feet and seat sense what part of the body is down and touching the ground.
  4. Muscle and joint sensory receptors report what parts of the body are moving.
  5. The central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) processes all the bits of information from the four other systems to make some coordinated sense out of it all.

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Equestrian workshop March 25th 2018 $50.00

You do not have to be an equestrian to benefit from this workshop, however we hope that if you are an equestrian you will join us to find out how Pilates can enhance your experience with your horse! If you are a teacher and would like to know how to incorporate Pilates into your teaching (just as Molly does) come along and join in the fun.  Cost is only $50.00 for this great 90 minute workshop.

Beginner Pilates WK 3

Our new beginner students are doing fantastic! We have worked out on towers, reformers, and today the chair. All students are listening to their bodies and connecting in ways that they did not think possible! Poor movement habits are being focused on and it's nice to see everyone focused on moving safely and correctly. Well done everyone we love seeing you each week!